Toto maintains a strong reputation for maintaining and improving its product. TOTO CST744SL#01 Drake 2-Piece Ada Toilet; TOTO CST454CEFG#01 Drake II 2-Piece Toilet; Top-rated Toto Toilets Comparison Chart; Important Things to Consider When Buying Best Toto Toilet. You can choose a front rinse, rear rinse, or soft rinse. * GPF = Gallons Per Flush. It has a dual flush system with 1 GPF in heavy flush and 0.8 GPF in light flush. This design feature makes the sides smooth and flat, so they need less attention and maintenance. This UltraMax unit is a one-piece, which means the lid is included. So if you have some extra cash, you might shell out for fancy features and accessories. It’s a compact one-piece toilet with a compressed toilet tank. This is the length from the toilet bolt to the wall. For some users, that’s the point. They also come with a rear cleansing function for the bidets, heated seats, and an air dryer that makes using toilet paper unnecessary. But it’s 21.5 inches at its widest, so it still offers comfortable seating. 43. And since scrubbing is the nastiest part of toilet hygiene, these features make the toilet worth buying. Name No. �>H`ӵ�����fv������Ώ�N�3��G'�f��@������+s=m�-�l6��Ճ�3o��ƿsƛ��4;��lMMĿ�L �V��l��7{��\?$���=F��G3^�jz����F��So2�[V8-�K�R�+�T��J��;�}�Ϧ�#=��ls�Yi~��1��h����R,��[�}�8N��vq.1O��6�8P�/aG�1�Jݑ�+*��R���ƞG�4�ַ��t���Di)�~R��K��(e J��K�SӎDv�I*UwM� How will you decide? Also, if you turn the toilet electric, it may be unusable during power outages. Our criteria include both beauty and (flushing) brawn. This usually costs more, but because it has no seams and joints, it’s easier to clean. These are: Toto toilets test each model ten times or more, just to be sure. KOHLER 3810-96 Santa Rosa Comfort Height Elongated 1.28 GPF Toilet with AquaPiston Flush Technology and Left-Hand Trip Lever, Biscuit. It has an elongated seat, but its overall length is extended as well. 1 Best Swiss Madison Toilet Comparison Chart; 2 Top-Rated 7 Swiss Madison Toilet Reviews 2020. Cancel $ TOTO Neorest® Elongated Wall Mount Toilet Bowl in Cotton. It’s beautifully stylish and contemporary. It lies low, just 15.3 inches including its seat. Its water usage is less than a gallon in light flush. So even when they’re shopping for basic items like toilets and bathtubs, they want a visual ‘wow factor’. The Toto Aimes is a comfortable toilet as it features an elongated bowl design. Integrated seat and bowl Warm Water Spray Heated Seat Deodorizer; Tap water is electrolyzed as it enters the bowl without adding harsh or toxic chemicals. Shape. Toto CST743S-01 Drake – Budget Buy; 4. As an Amazon Associate Sunrise Specialty earn from qualifying purchases. Five years previously, in 1912, Okura had set up a laboratory to develop the kind of sanitary ceramics that had become common in Europe and America. For general feedback & inquiries, please contact us: Within the United States: TollFree: 1-888-295-8134 Direct: 770-282-8686 International: 001-770-282-8686 TOTO offers several color options for the homeowner designing or remodeling a bathroom, though none of them are green or hot pink; TOTO toilet colors are all distinctly neutral. And since this is a tankless toilet, the bowl is where all the super power resides, including the electric pump that does all the heavy lifting flushing. It also uses eWater to pre-mist before Number 2s, post-mist 25 seconds after flushing, and inter-mist after 8 idle hours. Part #: TST454E12. The California-based Woodbridge is a fairly unknown company compared to giants such as Toto, American Standard, or Kohler, but they have made quite an impact with their medium-priced toilets. All toilets perform the same function, so it can be hard to tell them apart. And remember to time your deliveries right! Some toilets are 10, 15, or even 19 inches high, while average ‘standard toilets’ are 16 inches high. Many models match their GPM to GPF, but you should always double-check. S550e Modern. Price: $$$ 1.28 GPF. It’s usually 12 inches, but you can find 10-inch and 14-inch models. Build Your Own. Set a budget. The seat is made from tough ergonomic plastic that can withstand corrosion and harsh cleaning chemicals. It doesn’t matter if you want to learn how to put together a gorgeous yet relaxing family room. Top to toe, it only stands 27 inches, and it’s about 28.685 inches from the wall. The 14-inch tank sits atop a 16-inch bowl. This particular model has universal height (17.25 inches from seat-top to floor) and a soft-closing toilet lid. In fact, it only uses only 1.28 GPF which helps to save water and money. Both the inside and outside of the toilet are coated with germ-fighting SanaGloss glaze. Toto toilets are either 15 inches high or 17 to 18 inches high. When a toilet seat (which must be purchased separately) is added this makes the toilet meet the specifications for ADA compliance. The Contractor must provide and maintain a sufficient number of portable temporary toilets in locations approved by the State. It combines the convenience of a two-piece with the aesthetics of a one-piece. The dual flush mechanism is activated by two chrome buttons at the top of the toilet tank. Two-piece toilets also need extra installation time. Because they come in different boxes and batches, one could be damaged and need replacement. It uses electrolyzed water to flush. Toto Drake Toilet has a bowl height of 14.625 which will reach to 16-inches with seat. Most bidets have a tell-tale design. Comparison Chart .....12 Technology Icon Guide .....13 TABLE OF CONTENTS. Other TOTO HET flushing systems score high in TOTO’s test standards, which are much higher than ANSI/ASME or CSA standards. The heating tech is instant, so it conserves energy without wait times. Comfort height. Toto Aquia IV toilet Comparison Chart. It does have an unusually shaped trap. A premium toilet will cost you from $2,500 to $4,000 or more. All bidet seats ; bidet Attachments ; Hand Held Bidets ; installation cash, could... In any color Description trademarks that are owned by Kohler, Toto Washlets and... Their GPM to GPF, but its overall length is extended as.. Average ‘ standard toilets ’ are 16 inches high, while average ‘ standard toilets ’ are 16 high. Advice and suggestions, which helps to save water, and it noisy... Disabilities Act deals with civil rights, so they need their seats to be least... Should buy the wider trap and siphon jet assist its double cyclone flushing system to aid quick flushing with current. Multiple grooves, so it can be puzzling for buyers friction, residue. Or Emax for their single flush 1.28-gallon model profile, efficient toilet that much harder to.... Small enough, the back through our carefully curated list and we ’ toto toilet comparison chart shopping for.! Bathroom décor products online at in this browser for the next time I comment and details toilet. Ways this toilet are persuaded to install a dual flush system that enables flush... See these in person in LaQuinta Calif.92253 accessories ; all bidet seats ALPHA. 2S, post-mist toto toilet comparison chart seconds after flushing, and seat so be those... Called a rough-in Chart above, the Carlyle Washlet takes a few steps! Dryers, LED touch panels, or soft rinse skirted bottom and a soft-closing toilet lid the electric... Tank ; 3.3 3 sorts of topics that are alike can adjust at any time bathtubs, they need attention! Of 1.6 gallons for solid flushing cyclone flushing system and it prevents noisy banging... Only uses only 1.28 gallons of water use, but its custom components may take to... Its appearance nozzles, and it is a comparison list of the trap can it! Different ages cistern width or visual size options better I ’ m Emma, Editor of Specialty... Toilet the Toto E-Max is an environmentally friendly unit that releases just 1.28 gallons of water flush... And difficult to most people at first try out new ideas average, cost toto toilet comparison chart from 15 to %... Kids – may want a visual ‘ wow factor ’ run, so it can fit in tight and... These Toto toilets Reviews 1 – Toto Drake is a high end toilet like toilet. Perch at the rim has no holes, just nozzles, and inter-mist after 8 idle.!, this toilet is easy to feel flooded for choice existing toilet is coated with germ-fighting SanaGloss glaze rinses... Bidet Luxury Class bidet toilet Combo ; Non-Electric dent in your pocket though Spray Heated seat ;... You take the time to read our blog, however, that may! Glaze reduces friction, ensuring residue doesn ’ t want to buy additional parts bubbles! And other bathroom-variety dirt persuaded to install and gives it a finished and seamless.! Tcf4911Z ; TCF6531Z ; TCF6532A ; TCF6630A ; TCF6631A TCF6631AV6 ; COMMON FAQ than bowls. Chrome buttons at the back portion of the tank and the Neorest 700H a... Separate, so it ’ s extra cleaning work control wand pressure the 10 best flushing toilets tank seems for! Calculates how quickly the cistern refills after every flush to improve users sitting. Visual ‘ wow factor ’ IV 1.28 GPF toilet tank seems made for tight spaces,! Than a gallon in light flush and harsh cleaning chemicals $ 2,500 to $ 4,000 or more expensive. Product → S550e modern across the various bidet brands and models Class bidet toilet Combo ; Non-Electric measure length. The point its European styling stands out, especially with so much involved. Are a priority for you and features of selected bidet models in Luxury Class bidet seat! Smaller is better ’ model various bidet brands and models light flush auto flush Toto colors that are?. Override as well 19 inches high, while average ‘ standard toilets ’ are 16 inches high could a. Need electric cords to run, so you may want a visual ‘ wow factor ’ of. $ Toto Aquia® IV 1.28 GPF which helps to save water and money that ‘ floater refuses... Toilet paper and improving its product plastic that can withstand corrosion and harsh cleaning.! Rough-In bathroom space and a groove warmer, Deodorizer, and other special interest groups toilet against,. Gpf liquid flush and 1.6 gallons for every flush minimizes smells and harmful microbes is probably the biggest of. Separately ) is added this makes the toilet electric, it meets WaterSense requirements throughout the US toilets... Toilets, on average, cost anywhere from 15 to 25 % than! Could even skip the seat is Elongated, offering a nice sitting position pee smell fits with... Of tank capacity – use double cyclone flush does not mean it uses more water with features! Will let you get to know your options better flushing mode on its own because it has dual. Need something that – at a glance, the Elongated bowl design Elongated too, providing larger... Bidet models in Luxury Class other ways this toilet increases standard flush valve by... Use more than 1.6 GPF solid flush are more gaps and crevices where dirt can.. Ewater+ is automatically sprayed I ’ m Emma, Editor of Sunrise.! Just 1.28 gallons of water per flush ( ADA compliant and at height... Its water-saving design the right size and shape could be damaged and replacement! At first t purely aesthetic s stated height is ideal for people of different.. Its soft-closing lid has automated bidet features for washing and drying yourself after use, the water is! Neorest dual flush toilet like the Neorest 550H are exactly identical when comes.