There’s a lot to love about these dogs, including their high intelligence and their low levels of shedding. Our site gives you recommendations for downloading video that fits your interests. The Miniature Poodle was originally a truffle hunting dog before it became a companion. Small dog breeds tend to go up to about 20 pounds. Named after the Spanish word for “butterfly”, the Papillon is undeniably cute with its butterfly-shaped ears. So there you have the 10 most trainable small dog breeds. This pawesome pooch is known to be a great hunter, keeping your house free of vermin. Teething Even the most trainable dogs can have off days or distractions that weaken their training concentration. The 10 Most Trainable Dog Breeds. Labrador Retrievers. They pick up new skills quickly, and they love to compete in shows too. Boston terriers are super playful, with a lot of energy. Most lap dogs weigh less than 22 pounds and are shorter than 16 inches. by Kristina Lotz. From where I’m sitting, size has little to do with it. From this K9RL list of the 5 most obedient dog breeds you will see dogs which are most likely to be easily trainable. The first small dog on the top obedient breeds list is the loving, good-spirited Papillion. A dog DNA test can reveal a lot about your dog’s genetic makeup, including information that can help you with training. These dogs just love to be loved, and it helps that they look like they could be teddy bears. We start off the list with small or toy low-maintenance dog breeds. While the Standard Poodle is one of the smartest large dog breeds, the Miniature and Toy Poodle are some of the smartest small dog breeds. Not to mention learning how to potty train a puppy, one of the most key skills for any dog, can be hard in the best circumstances. A miniature poodle measures about 15 inches tall, and a toy poodle is up to 10 inches tall. These playful and fun-loving dogs make fantastic family dogs. What makes a dog obedient? Fortunately, they love to learn and will happily use their energy being trained. They will have your back. It might be a temporary setback, or it could be a permanent change in their temperament. America’s favorite breed is understandably one of the most trainable. Quick to learn and even quicker to play, Papillons need lots of exercise and are willing to try anything. Thought to be one of the most intelligent small dogs, the Poodle, either the miniature or toy type, can learn whatever you want to teach them pretty fast. Like other sheepdogs, they’re very clever and easy to train. Black and Tan Coonhound – The Black and Tan Coonhounds are mellow dogs with an even temper. If you’re thinking of getting a Boston terrier, it’s also important to note that they can be stubborn. In a world with all types of working dogs, companion dogs are among the most laid back dogs. #5: Labrador Retriever . Originally bred for hunting, they’re quick to pick up tricks and other training. If you want a small dog that is easy to train, what would you look for? What’s trainable? x Animal Planet GO - Watch Full Episodes and Live TV Discovery Communications view. Looking a little like a Yorkshire Terrier, these intelligent dogs are pretty easy to train. picking a dog that is easily trainable makes this job much more bearable.. Read on to learn about the different dog breeds that fortunately are easier to train. 5. They’re excellent at learning tricks, and are pawfect as agility and show dogs. This is another dog that was initially intended to hunt rats and other vermin – including snakes, as it was first bred in Australia. Originating in Wales, members of this breed have been used on farms for centuries, and are still employed as working dogs on many ranches and farms today. How does a magnetic collar help dogs with arthritis? Big and small breeds alike are equally trainable. This grumpy old man is actually a very active and happy pup. What’s not? Calm dog breeds are typically lap dogs or breeds developed for companionship. People love their stumpy legs and bat-like ears. Once bred to be a rat hunter, today this doggo likes being the center of their family's life. 25 Least Affectionate Dogs 29 Most Annoying Dog Breeds 16 Best Small Guard Dogs for Apartments. © 2020 Wag Labs, Inc. All rights reserved. The Best Magnetic Dog Collars For Arthritis. It doesn’t hurt that their also super cute, and their curly fur is hard to resist! They are also thought to be one of the most intelligent small dogs, and are often used as hearing dogs and other assistance dogs. These pawrfect poochies are so smart that they have been used in many television commercials and shows. The adorable Papillon was named for its ears, which look like butterfly wings and is a mix of different types of spaniels. A small dog doesn’t necessarily equal a small brain! Big breed or small? Most dogs are smart, but in different ways. With every positive quality comes a negative. These pups excel at obedience and agility training, and if started early, can be trained out of those bad habits. When you’re choosing a dog, size and trainability are two of the most important factors. They’re also fantastic therapy dogs. In reality, according to intelligence tests, this dog breed is one of the most intelligent and trainable. They're usually very affectionate, patient and gentle with kids and other dogs, and they have an endearing enthusiasm for life. Papillon – This naturally curious toy dog breed responds well to training and positive reinforcement. Another of the small smart dog breeds on this list from the “little ones” section, the Yorkie is known for a number of abilities including adaptability, independent thinking and intelligence. Small Low Maintenance Dogs. All have white hairs on the collar, parts of the legs and usually the tip of the tail, some may have white streaks on the face. Though mostly bred to be lap dogs, these smart cookies are quick to learn whatever it is you want to teach them. Your email address will not be published. Small dogs are the preference for many people, whether you want to have a lap dog or you’re just looking for a dog that doesn’t need so much space. This is just a short list of small dogs that are easy to train. You know that if royalty had a favorite breed, it was probably a smart one, and Queen Elizabeth loved the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Members from the Herding Group, Sporting Group, and the Working Group all tend to be more trainable, and the hounds and terriers are usually lower on the list. Let’s take a look at some of the top trainable small dog breeds for you to consider if you’re looking for the perfect dog! In fact, sometimes they can be a little too stubborn. Connect with highly rated dog walkers in your neighborhood. Small dogs are the, Your email address will not be published. Named for its luxuriously large and pointy ears (papillon means “butterfly” in French), these pups see themselves as big dogs in tiny bodies. Adept at obedience and anything to do with water, this friendly family member really excels at his ancestral duty: retrieving ducks. Enter the Papillon. Another way to discover the trainability of your dog is to take a DNA test. Here are the 50 best small dog breeds, ... Well-mannered, trainable, and companionable, Miniature Schnauzers are one of the most popular terrier breeds. Although Boston terriers were first bred as fighting dogs, they are actually a loving and gentle breed. Gentle and intelligent, this woofderful companion is one easy dog to train! Facebook Pin Email Print. #1 Miniature or Toy Poodle Thought to be one of the most intelligent small dogs, the Poodle, either the miniature or toy type, can learn whatever you want to teach them pretty fast. Visit Animal Planet to find 10 trainable small dog breeds. Papillons can learn quickly and love to do tricks. The Australian cattle dog You want the best possible life for your dog, and the, Table of Contents When you get a dog, training them is essential. Chris is a dog lover who takes his passion to the next level, and has always believed that dogs deserve the very best in life. Cardigan Welsh corgi – The cute and adorable Cardigan Welsh corgis are loving and eager to please, making them both easy and fun to train. His years of experience as a dog owner and devotee, as well as a keen interest for learning everything he can about our canine friends, means he has a wealth of information to share with others who love their dogs just as much. As one of the smallest most trainable dog breeds, the Havanese is both social and intelligent. 1 / 11. Although kept mainly for pets today, they’re still incredibly quick to learn whatever you want to teach. The Chihuahua is one of the smallest breeds in the world, and may also be one of the smartest. They can even find missing people if trained for it. There are many dogs who are intelligent and highly trainable, that may not be on this list. most trainable small dogs. What defines a medium-sized dog? They are loyal and perform well in agility and obedience training – and have fun doing it. Top 10 Dog Breeds That Need The Most Attention. They are as happy to sit in your lap as they are to run around. Many people choose Papillons as show dogs or dogs for agility competing due to their intelligence. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Originally bred for hunting, they’re quick to pick up tricks and other training. They’re very easy to train, being very smart and with not too much of a tendency to make noise (unlike some other small dogs). One of the newer small dog breeds available, a cockapoo is a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. There are some highly trainable small dog breeds out there. This is a serious yet sensitive and intelligent dog who wants to please his owner. Papillon are often considered to be one of the most obedient and trainable toy dog breeds. This means that they love activities such as flyball, agility and other high-energy sports. This fluffy pup may look like a stuffed animal, but they are smarter than you might think. They are known to love a good bark, and can be wary of people they don’t know. These intelligent dogs are highly easy to train, and as a bonus they don’t make too much noise. Luckily, this intelligent breed is also one of the most trainable. Thought to be one of the most intelligent small dogs, the Poodle, either Here are the best small dog breeds that can live comfortably in any size home. It depends on who you ask. It was inevitable to write this list after we posted the top 10 most intelligent dogs. The Labrador is easy to train. This breed loves attention, and that includes some quality training time. The Boston Terrier got its fantastic reputation from its ancestor, Sergeant Stubby, who served 18 months in the service in World War I, saw 17 battles, and even caught a German spy. These long-bodied doggies also come in two varieties, so you can choose between long and shorthair Dachshunds. Well, you are doing your research first by reading this, which is an excellent idea. Persistence is key when training them if you want results. Palm-sized and easy to handle, these cute little critters are wonderful family pets. Golden Retrievers are incredibly popular as family pets. Poodles come in a few different sizes – the miniature poodle is a little taller than the toy poodle. Fortunately, their ability to learn quickly means that it’s possible to address these bad habits quickly. While all dogs make for best friends, some are, um, more lovably clueless than others. You might be surprised to know that many small dogs are extremely trainable. fast. Australian Terriers are also a very vocal breed, with a high prey drive. They are also thought to be one of the most intelligent small dogs, and are often used as hearing dogs and other assistance dogs. Their intelligence also means that they have been circus performers, and they love to perform in agility and obedience training and competitions. used in circuses by gypsies to perform tricks because they were so quick to In fact, some small breeds are among the easiest dogs to train. These lovable little fur balls were bred for hunting, but they were often used in circuses by gypsies to perform tricks because they were so quick to learn. Border Collie – These dogs are restless workaholics. 72. Learn which breeds are known for being intelligent and how to bring out your dog’s natural smarts. But when it comes to working intelligence (i.e. It’s also very loyal, loving and friendly to its owners. following commands), certain dog … These poochies are so smart they can herd and drive animals that are 50 times their size. However, they can also be hardworking and eager to be rewarded for learning new things. The Shetland Sheepdog, also known as Sheltie, is a small dog breed originating from Scotland. The Toy Fox was bred to hunt critters like foxes, mice, rats, and other vermin, but today they are usually kept as family pets. It can listen to commands just after a few repetitions. “They’re smart, … Fully grown Brittany Spaniels weigh around 30 to 40 pounds, making them a perfect medium dog breed that’s not too small and not too big. Goldens are known for being extremely eager to please, and this combined with their … These pawesome poochies are talented, and can be found winning trophies in tracking, flyball, agility, obedience, and even as a therapy dog. Required fields are marked *. We humans tend to correlate trainability in dogs with intelligence. Top 10 Most Trainable Small Dog Breeds #1 Miniature or Toy Poodle. They do, however, have a strong prey drive, as you would expect for this type of dog. Then again, some dogs that are older are already trained a certain way and may not be as easy to train to your specifications, which is where the saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” came from. As the name suggests, the Shetland Sheepdog was originally bred for herding livestock. Dogs 10 Trainable Small Dog Breeds. Members from the Herding Group, Sporting Group, and the Working Group all tend to be more trainable, and the hounds and terriers are usually lower … For a dog to be trainable, that’s a pretty important quality to have. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the corgi makes a worthy competitor in obedience trials and, most naturally, herding. They don’t have a particularly high prey drive, and they tend to want to wander far, either. Yes, this applies to dog breeds, as silly as it may sound. With a need to please and energy to spare, consistent and patient owners find this affectionate companion quite easy to train. They love to accompany their humans on adventures too, from hiking to running. But there’s more to them than their cuteness. Corgis have been particularly popular over the last few years. Like many small terriers, the toy fox terrier was bred to chase after pests such as foxes, rats, and mice. The Dog Central. In addition, you need to consider the breed because some dog breeds are easier to train than others. According to many dog researchers, handlers, trainers and dog owners, here are the top 10 most trainable breeds of dog. In general, these trainable dog breeds are also very energetic and intelligent, so don't expect them to settle for snoozing on the couch all day. the miniature or toy type, can learn whatever you want to teach them pretty With good comes bad and with smart comes stupid. From the brainy Border Collie to the versatile Labrador Retriever, meet 10 breeds that can be easy to train. These dogs are usually the ones that hog up all of the limelight. Now that is a smart pup! Now both smaller versions excel at a variety of dog sports and are easily trained. The Cavalier King Charles is a clever dog that’s easy to train. Home > Top 10 Most Trainable Small Dog Breeds. You can also share Pomsky – Top 10 Facts Video videos that you like on your Facebook account, find more fantastic video from your friends and share your ideas with your friends about the videos that interest you. All rights reserved. Factors that Will Adversely Affect Even the Easiest Dogs to Train. Most small breeds aren’t super into the whole “training” thing. Though bred for herding livestock, the Sheltie is really a playful pup. These little dogs are especially popular for city dwellers as they adapt well to apartments and aren’t as big into barking as other small dog breeds. Either way, you can't go wrong with these pupsters. However, Standard Poodles are slightly more … You can choose from a wonderful selection of small dogs that are cute, eager to please, and easy to train. Corgis are another herding dog. One in particular is that small dog breeds are not obedient. You have probably seen or heard about how smart some dogs are. learn. Both the Standard Poodle and Toy Poodle are very intelligent and obedient dogs which can respond very well to training. That makes them very trainable. They’re generally not inclined to wander but they’re very playful and are high-energy dogs too. These lovable little fur balls were bred for hunting, but they were often Here are some of the top 10 easiest to train small breeds. These dogs are the smaller cousin of the King Charles Spaniel, which were very popular with the British royal family for several centuries – although the smaller dog is less than a century old. However, they could equally make a cute family pet that loves to perform. In the process, you will learn that we can dispel some myths. Unlike some other small dogs, the Papillon is largely intended to be a lap dog. © 2020. Some organizations break down dog sizes into detailed groups (e.g., extra-small, small, small-medium, … Although they love to sit in your lap, they are working dogs that like to stay busy so give them something to do like obedience, agility, frisbee, or flyball. The Final Word. Fiercely loyal to their family and wary of strangers, this doggo is known to be a barker. Large dog breeds begin around 60 pounds. Well, you have to define “trainable.” Generally speaking, working and herding breeds are the most “biddable” (best at taking orders). But just because the dog isn’t bred for working, it doesn’t mean it can’t be a brainy pooch. But is it easily trained? In his bestselling book, The Intelligence of Dogs, neuropsychologist Stanley Coren, PhD, focuses on trainability as a marker of intelligence. The Papillon dog breeds are a small and smart type of dogs that originates in Spain and is said to be one of the most intelligent small dog breed in the world. If you’re looking for a happy little dog, the Bichon Frise could be the right breed for you. So, teaching your Pomeranian not to jump on the furniture should be pretty simple. #2 Chihuahua. Also, you have to think about the dog’s age because the younger they are, the longer it may take to train them. Shelties do have one problem. Cockapoos love to take part in agility and learn tricks at home. They’re quick to pick up what they’re taught and love to learn. Read more Read less. They might be small in stature but that doesn’t stop them from being persuasive. Still, there will be exceptions among individual dogs. The papillon Dog. The University of British Columbia psychology professor relied on the assessments of 110 breeds by more than 200 professional dog obedience judges who scored breeds based on working/obedience tests. As well as being intelligent, these dogs are very athletic. While they’re not used for herding much these days, they do make excellent pets. American Water Spaniel – Intelligent and trainable, the American Water Spaniel is regarded as a very protective dog. Toy Fox Terriers are smart dogs, and they’re also loyal and loving. It’s not just to help you so that, When you’re choosing a dog, size and trainability are two of the most important factors. A miniature poodle measures about 15 inches tall, and a toy poodle is up to 10 inches tall.