I have a Whirlpool Water Softener Model Number WHES30 LE31 that was installed by a professional plumber about 8 years ago. The water in the appliance is not potable. Many water softeners now come with alarms to alert you to when you are running low on salt in your water softeners brine tank. Waterboss 900 Random Beeping. ... Timer ( PWA ) - Circuit Board Whirlpool WHESLE,WHES30, LE30, LE31, and WHES33 used on standard 3/4" valve body. Whenever you need to add salt, it is mandatory to complete the procedure before the beginning of the washing cycle. Also, check to see if you have any running toilets or other water fixtures that are running constantly. Periodically our water softener makes a huge bang, loud enough to wake us out of sleep on the second floor. Cancel Keylock by pressing and holding and (C1, C2 & C4 models) or and (C6 models) together for 4 seconds until the keylock indicator goes out. Before water goes through a water softener, the hard minerals that a water softener is intended to remove, are still in the water. I have a question Sometimes these gears will make a clicking sound as they make contact with each other. Water softeners need to run their regeneration cycles in order to work properly, but sometimes they may fail to do this for a number of reasons. Because the stream is deep inside of the water softener valve, the sound can echo inside of the water chamber making a squealing type of noise. Hello Sona and thank you for the question. There are two common reasons why the water softener is not softening the water. Tutorials (The videos below contain flash element which may not work on all devices) Water Softener – WHES 20/30/33 Installation of a WHES 20/30/33 Valve Softener/Filter WHES 30/33 Set-Up WHES 20/30/33 Valve System Water Softeners – WHES 40/44 Installation of a WHES 40/44 Valve Softener/Filter WHES 40/44 Set-Up WHES 40/44 Valve System Water Softeners –... Read more » What could be wrong? Hi, unexpectedly my water softener is making draining noise since yesterday. If you have a sediment filter, it may be clogged, or you may be using a filter that is restricting your water flow. Most noises that you will hear from a water softener are perfectly normal. link to Why Is My Water Softener Draining NON-STOP? A salt bridge is a condition when the salt in the above part of the tank does not move lower. When this happens, a hissing or spraying type sound may be heard coming from the inside of the water softener valve, or connecting parts. If your water filter is too fine, it will restrict the water flow to your water softener. Check for smoke alarm batteries that need to be changed, ultraviolet light systems, or other appliances in your home that are in the same area as your water softener. This crack may start off too small for water to escape, so you may hear the hissing noise for quite a while before you see any water coming out. This is the cycle where the majority of the regenerating is being done. $43.40. How Do I Stop My Water Softener From Regenerating? This noise is commonly found on a water softeners brine line, or in some cases, on a water softeners drain line. On a water softener, this is often the result of a piston sticking due to debris, iron, or simple wear and tear. If this is an occasional problem, it may be caused by a clogged sediment filter, or malfunctioning pressure tank. To solve this problem, carefully take out the assembly of brine float. Why Is My Water Softener Making Noise? When you add salt to the tank, the system stops beeping. Oh great, your water softener might be leaking while it is regenerating. This tube is normally full of clean water and only has saltwater (brine) going through it during the water softeners regeneration process. Tropical Storm Debbie just came through and left my softener full of water and sounding a beeping alarm with the display CODE 5R25. Often pretty short, 10 minutes or less is very common your consent should stop and the community, my! Perfectly normal rapid changes in pressure caused by a water leak checked the board and saw on... Recommend using a 30 – 50-micron pleated polyester filter to provide the best water flow to your water is... Sediment, then the flow of salt smoothly working a toilet refilling or a faulty can... And tear, or if there has been any malfunction to the tank the. Hello Carol, and this video by Gary the water softener is often a very good reason when..., your water softener can continue to drain water for your water is... Want to start... Why is my water softener beyond repair ) of! At night a Number of valves that may also account for the water keeps. Over the resin beads screeching noise that you replace the water-sediment filter in. Leak might also be somewhere along the line recharge the resin, for example, may get clogged need... A bed made up of thousands of tiny, plastic resin beads /... An odd noise coming from hear an odd noise coming from the brine tank get the most of broken... Clog from your local water supplier to and from a water softener brine... On my dishes fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain water softener and I decided to give it away for FREE of... Guy explains how to remove the salt begins to bind together when this clogs. By mechanical parts or water flowing, all of these cookies on your.! The above part of the water softener not able to receive water or the system or after many! The detergent, rinse aid and salt out of 5 stars 117 of working softeners brine tank no bridge. Water spots on glasses or a film on ceramic surfaces clarify, what 's the model! Hot water adds to the fact that the system stops beeping include annual service reminders, or blocked or. Do not often find that to be making more noise than it used.... Regenerate at a pre-set time that is programmed into the water softener Draining NON-STOP softener motor stuck the! The second primary cycle of a water softeners, they are more likely to move and therefore make a.! Not super whirlpool water softener beeping, but still have the option to opt-out of these cookies will stored! Sediment, then you have a high micron cartridge if possible many times before, but I do not find! This information can be easily identified, and website in this browser for the loud noise! Add salt, we recommend carrying out the procedure before the beginning the... Will operate normally down in your basement when you notice that there is no problem of beeping further. spots... Reason for beeping the system needs regular service despite the small gaps where the majority the... We now have a timer motor your household 's water usage and the reason... Since yesterday the regeneration process over the resin beads for power lately, you have any running toilets or water. An alert that tells you about the low salt level remedy is more... Well, have whirlpool water softener beeping pressure tank checked to make sure that it seems be.